One man superstar, Jordan Soles has been ferociously releasing his musical offerings over the past 5 years. His upcoming EP titled “Walha” is the first release under his Butterbones moniker in over a year and a half is set to be released digitally May 21st. Recorded over a few months in a small basement suite in Victoria, BC, the EP features vocals from other Crystal Country artists such as Courtney Loberg of Goose Lake, Bret Enemark of Carousels, and Derek Janzen of Wand. You’ll definitely want to check this release out come next tuesday.


Blackout Beach


Next friday on March 15th, Wand wil be opening for Blackout Beach at the Copper Owl in Victoria.

Advance tickets can be purchased at Ditch Records for $12 or $14 at the door.

Check out Blackout Beach’s new LP, “Blues Trip”, which features altenate versions of songs from “Fuck Death”.

Mt. St. Helens – CDs available

The new Wand album Mt. St. Helens is now available in compact disc format! Get it here.


So it’s been far too long since anything new has really happened around these parts but I’m so excited to officially announce my new full length album here!

It’s titled Mt. St. Helens and it is the result of a year obsessed with odd time signatures and ripping synths (aka. listening to a lot of genesis and john bender).

Homemade copies of the album will be available at Landisfest III with real copies to come later. I can’t wait for this to be finally out.

These Days Are Over

Hello friends!
I have just completed my brand new EP “These Days Are Over”, with my folk project Butterbones. You can listen to it on my bandcamp page HERE.

‘JAVA BLEND’ Out Now!!

Hey gang, sorry for the horrible delay in posting. But the new Chief Thundercloud album is out and it’s a doozy. 6 tracks spanning across varying noise terrains. We hope you all listen and buy 2 copies…cause you know, it’s good.



Hello again internets. I am very pleased to finally announce the debut chief thundercloud album on crystal country!

The album is titled “Java Blend” and will be available on august 12th!

While you wait for the new noises to arrive, i highly recommend checking out his back catalogue. It’s a great listen.

ttyl jk.


Butterbones – Blues

“Blues” is the album I’ve been writing and recording for the past 6-7 months, and I’m excited to finally have it released on our home recording label, Crystal Country. The album, 12 songs long in diameter, accommodates sounds ranging from bontempi organ/choir oohs ambience to Norwegian black death drumming to grandpa guitar folk strummin to face brutalizing accordion-grinding. Hope ya’ll like it!

Jordan Soles – Acoustic instruments/electric instruments

Clapping hands for:
Derek Janzen – Drums/percussion, trumpet, art
Jenell Pierson – Vocals on 2,4, and 12
Jenni Walker – Vocals on 11
Cody Flynn – The recording of sounds on all drum tracks/Jenell vox

You can listen to the album in its entirety at bandcamp.

Thanks for listening!

Secret Hymn music video

Hey, earlier this year me and my friends made a stop-motion music video for my song ‘Secret Hymn’ off my last album ‘Black Beach’. It took about 1400 photos and quite a few hours of patience testing creativity but in the end i’m really happy how it turned out. Please give it a watch.

FIRST NATIONS – Secret Hymn from Derek James Janzen on Vimeo.



Hi everybody! The last few months I’ve been recording a new Butterbones album set to release on June 11th. It will be titled “Blues”. You can listen in on a couple tunes On my bandcamp site.



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